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A Natural Way to Heal

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How it Works

Hypnosis is a natural, healthy state of deep relaxation and calmness. Your body becomes very comfortable and your mind is more alert and receptive to positive suggestions than in your normal, natural, awakened state of awareness. Your mind is now able to focus your attention more precisely on your specific goals and dreams. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and you are always in control!  

Within the process of releasing old and unneeded blockages within the deep realms of your being, hypnotherapy allows you to regain control of your life in many more ways than one.  If you are reading this, then this is a sure sign from your higher self assuring you that you are ready to move forward on this new journey of yours, which is becoming the healthiest version of yourself!


From the Hypnotherapist, to the Client

  • Free 30 minute Complimentary  Consultation 

  • 2 hour meeting/planning on the first Hypnotherapy Session to build your "Plan to Success" 

  • 60 minute Hypnotherapy sessions once a week 

  • Each week receive your free guided hypnosis script for digital MP3 download 

  • "Goal setting" home action plans 

  • Connection to your Hypnotherapist via email in between sessions 

  • Guaranteed Confidentiality & Ethics  Practiced 

  • Absolutely no physical touch by the Hypnotherapist onto the client  

                   -Privacy Policy-


        Confidentially is a sacred trust. 

 I never sell, rent or trade my client personal  data.

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"The state of hypnosis is actually an ordinary human experience.  It is like just before falling asleep, getting lost in thought, music, or even a movie." 


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