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A Journey Through Spiritual Healing

You live life minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day, but something has always felt off, even on your best days.  You do not know why either.  Even though you feel these “off-ness” moments, you still truck onward trying to forget the feeling.  It isn’t until one day after pushing away this feeling for so long, that you then experience something so impactful.  It could be anything from a physical sensation to a full on mental breakdown.  All of a sudden you realize something.  That feeling that you have pushed away for so long is actually your mind, body, and soul reaching out to you.  They need you to pay attention and listen to the important message they are trying to reveal to you.  You, yes you, are at the forefront of a spiritual healing!  But, what is a spiritual healing you ask?  Let’s first begin with what spirituality is.  Spirituality is defined as deeply held beliefs that bring meaning to your life.  Spirituality is not synonymous with religion, and can mean different things to different people.  Since spirituality is so fluid and has no particular place to be, it flows all around us.  It is us.  It is everything you can see, touch, feel, and sense.  It is the thoughts you think that make sense to you and also create a wanting to learn or search for more that you believe to be true.  The most important aspect of spirituality is the basis that it is centered around, and that is LOVE.  Love in its purest form.  

We as humans have so many layers.  Layers that even stem outside of our physical bodies.  However, when we peel away all of those layers, whether physical or not, there is the center of us, which is LOVE.  Love is the driving force behind so many things in life, each of us tuning into our own frequencies and vibrations of it.  But, what does this all have to do with a healing?  Well, a healing occurs when the three elements (mind, body, spirit) of you are ready to release and let go of what is no longer serving you in the greatest good of you.  It is also gearing you for a new experience, a new choice or opportunity, a new door open.  

The profound experience you just went through, is the green light, the beginning, for this healing of yours.  It will take form in any way it knows it will get its point across to you.  Do not ignore it though.  It will start the healing with or without you.  I will say this though from experience, that if you choose to fight the process, it WILL break you down.  Learn to ride its waves of energy, swim with the current, fly with the healing breezes.  Let go of the resistance.  It is time to spread your wings and fly.  

One of the most extreme awakenings I had, was the day after I had my 25th birthday.  I had been in a relationship with my ex for about 7 years at that time, but the last two years being a victim of domestic abuse.  I felt stuck in so many ways and aspects in my life.  I felt and was made to feel (by him), that I was doing everything wrong.  Not making enough money, not being thin, not listening to his nagging orders, and being scared for my life kept me in a locked position.  I remember enduring very painful moments, all of which were draining me to my core.  I had never felt so vulnerable in my life, and yet nobody knew what was going on.  I kept it all in.

I do remember one night, about a couple of weeks prior to my awakening, that I authentically and purely threw up my hands to my higher source (for me this is God), and I prayed so hard.  I said, “Please help me!  Show me a sign!  I am scared and do not know what to do!  Please give me the strength to move on and out of this situation.  Please protect me.”  

Fast forward to August 25th, 2013, this is the day where my life was turned upside down from the inside out.  I’m still not sure how I managed to escape my certain death this morning, but I knew this was my opportunity to change my life.  Through the grace of God, I left my abuser for good, but this was only the beginning of my journey into this stage of healing.  As you can see, this was 7 years ago, and I know for fact that I am still healing.   

So here you are, maybe even unaware of the fact that you are even going through a spiritual healing, but something huge in your life has just shifted, ended, or begun.  There are days when you may think, “My life fucking sucks!  I hate it all!”  All of the emotions seem to just hit you like a ton of bricks.  It’s literally like you are on a rollercoaster that seems to never end!  You may experience highs and super lows, that blow you into oblivion.  The thing with healings is, there is no one timeline with a start date or ending to them.  They have their own course and take their time to help heal you.  And, when I say they, I mean every single part of YOU, be it your mind, body, and soul.  Their job is to shake you till you wake up.  Wake you up to the realizations of who you are deep within.  No one ever told me this healing gig was going to be any fun or party.  In fact, it has been quite contraire.  Spiritual healings disguise themselves as some pretty rude awakenings that shake us to our cores.  They go through each layer of our being and rip it open.  But let’s not dwell on all of the unknowns of your healing.  There is so much beauty that happens through the process of the healing, just like the marvelous and magical transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly.  The revelation of your healing is already in place!  You are in it!  What do you feel?  What is this healing telling you?  

For me, the first two years after I left my abuser, I was in such a dark place.  It literally felt like I was worse off at times.  I was always crying, went on antidepressants for a while, gained a bunch of weight, and felt hopeless.  I didn’t understand why or what I was going through at the time.  I certainly did not think of a healing, that’s for sure!  It wasn’t until one perfect day when I met my spiritual advisor/life coach who helped and assisted me in gaining something I never experienced or felt before.  Control over myself.  I was consciously activating my inner truth.  I slowly found myself.  I discovered her (me) from the inside out.  I gathered my strength to push through my fears and pursue my new found (but always there) dream/goals.  

Remember when I said that a healing has no time frame?  A spiritual healing could last for months or longer.  Every single one of us experiences healings differently.  When does a healing end? Or does it?  Healings happen all the time actually. 

Everytime I start to think that my life is finally where I want it, another shift (healing) takes place.  I can count on both of my hands the number of healings I have had within the last 7 years, aside from the one big awakening that I believe ignited everything thus far.  I no longer get discouraged about it though, because I know that I am constantly evolving and becoming the person I am truly to be in this lifetime.  It is all about choice, experiences, and what we take away from them, that guide us on our journeys.

 So as you may feel very light in positive emotions, like all is right in your world, just remember that there is always another opportunity for healing knocking at your door.  The puzzle pieces of life will fit just right and everything has a way of falling into place.  Everything happens for a reason I believe. You may even get a sign that is so obvious and clear as day, that you are where you need to be at this moment moving forward.  You have come out of your chrysalis ready to fly with wings to explore the new you.  Enjoy and embrace yourself on your journey through healing.  

Love and Light, 

Jessica Loupe 

(Founder of Align Within LLC)

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