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My Story

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who lived a VERY confusing internal life. This young girl, who is now a woman, is ready to share the journey that has brought her into who she is today and the business she has created. This woman we are speaking of is me, Jessica, and I have come to the awareness of just how important it is to speak up and share the experiences of my life and how they have molded me for the better.

Starting at a very young age, I knew I was attracted to both females and males. The feelings I had for females was much stronger than what it was for males. I knew this in my heart, but struggled hugely with acceptance of it. Growing from a girl into a woman, I internalized, fantasized, and even pretended in my own heart and head, that the females I was in love with, had feelings and wanted to be with me as well. This secretive mindset led me into such a dark hole of fear of being rejected, judged, ridiculed, unloved, and misunderstood, for 30 years.

In between those 30 years, I dated males. I had my life literally flipped upside down with aggression and abuse by one of them, which led me into my ultimate path of spirituality.

For a couple of years into my Spiritual Awakening, I was barely keeping myself afloat (you know the head up out of water so you don’t drown metaphor). I don’t remember those first couple of hazy and numbing years, but I continued to crawl my way through each days trials and triumphs.

Each passing year I was gaining momentum and beginning to see my worth as a human and where my passion for life is held. Through the over mounting help and guidance from loved ones and friends, I was still holding captive of what my heart and soul truly desired to express…my sexual preference and identity.

My most sacred confidante, my spiritual guidance life coach/teacher, helped and guided me into unraveling the true essence of me with LOVE. She made me feel so unbelievably safe in expressing my TRUTH. And so it goes, that I made it a life achieving goal to accept myself for who I am, and openly come out to my closest friends and family by the time my 30th birthday arrived. Guess what…..I DID JUST THAT! It was through this most HUMONGOUS obstacle I created for myself, that I instantly became FREE.

The profound affect of me stepping into my TRUTH has led me into so many eye opening and life altering opportunities. I went back to school, received my degrees, and became certified in many various holistic healing modalities.

This short narrative has led into the ONE of the biggest passions of my life, and that is helping guide others into their OWN TRUTHS.

It is within my own journey, that I was called upon to open up my abilities as a spiritualist and create my own business (Align Within) that centers around TRUTH of the individual. I am living my TRUTH and intuitively listening to the guidance of spirit, on how to grow and connect my business into something that ANYONE can be a part of and benefit from.

Align Within is not just a business, but a place to call HOME. A place in the heart and mind, where you know you are safe to be vulnerable, have someone to lean on during your most difficult of times, cheer you on from the sidelines, help heal your energetic body through energy work/healings, and life coach you through whatever it is you may need.

Now I ask YOU this, Are you living the life you desire? If not, let me know why if you’d like.

Love and light to you all on our journeys through this life,

Jessica Loupe

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